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Hung Long Harbour Hotel

Hotel category: Rate: USD Address:Hung Long Harbour Hotel
It is so convenient for you to walk in several minutes to Cat Co seaside resort No.1, Cat Co seaside resort No.3 and high-speed boat station, the island center, bus station with the distance of tens metes.
In Cat Ba, you can take a rest in Hung Long hotel, a perfect destination situated in the most wonderful place in Cat Ba bay, with total front area overlooking the sea. Resting in a room of the hotel, you can have the spectacular view of sea, raising your shoulders up, touching fresh winds from the sea, behind the hotel; there is an imposing limestone mountain as a closed friend of Hung Long. Hung Long Habour Hotel has officially come into operation since 2010, being the unique place where you can enjoy the golden quality as in a 5-sta hotel from accommodations to restaurant, bar-café and fantasic scenery with the most suitable price of the 3-sta standard.
Hung Long Hotel has 88 rooms, in which there are 59 standard rooms with 51 rooms that have balconies overlooking the sea and 8 rooms close to the mountain, superior rooms with 3 faces overlooking the sea, 12 deluxe rooms, and 12 suite rooms with open balconies embracing a sea corner.
If you have the demand of organizing events, outdoor parties, Hung Long Hotel is a unique hotel with the large yard to organize above events with the capacity of 700 seats and the unique car parking with above 60 spaces.
In the golden area of the hotel, you can enjoy an extremely quite and poetic open space with special taste of cocktail and mocktail at the outdoor area of bar and café.

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